Xbox 360 Tutorial: Upgrade Games

In this XBOX 360 tutorial, we will tell you a temporary solution (until you get the new Custom Firmware c4eva) to avoid an upgrade games screen message.

Upgrade games: Disk is not supported

This may occur after an update is installed on your console Xbox 360. It is like a silent update that Microsoft has sent if you connect to Xbox LIVE 360. Are you wondering why this happens? Well the answer is simple. It does not happen with all games, just those that have so many famous AP2.5 protection head given above, and this happens because after they got through the patch SCENE these games incorporate such protection. Thus, Microsoft has stealthily introduced an update to a particular file on your console called “dae.bin” that is responsible for storing and checking on the original disks AP2.5 protection.

Furthermore, it has changed for the new test meters and has exclusively done it for each console. Thus, if you already have the silent update, you may have different parameters from any other person with the same problem. Microsoft has done this for one simple reason preventing the use of new patches generic AP2.5 (because they would have to be different for each user) which makes a solution for patching.

But perhaps the biggest problem with this is that being detected by the Microsoft Disk read error after the upgrade games and overall update, your console is checked for a possible future ban. So if you’re reading this and have not happened to you we recommend you disconnect your console from LIVE to avoid the update.

A temporary solution

If you have fallen into the clutches of the famous silent Xbox360 update, you will have no choice but to follow step by step this tutorial to at least be able to continue playing your backups on your console Xbox 360. Materials needed:

Pendrive (1 gigabyte or more)

Horizon Programme

Iso2God Program

Upgrade games: Steps

Once you have everything you need, you can proceed with the first step to free update your Xbox360 Xbox360 silent. Follow the below steps:

* The first thing is to format your pendrive in FAT32 format, so that your Xbox360 console detects it. To do this you can do from Windows; go to “My Computer” or “Computer”.

* Select the drive pendrive with right mouse button select FORMAT.

You also need to format it from within the Xbox360, and then format it to ensure that your Horizon program recognizes it.